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Speed Simulator

This simulation requires flash and may not work on tablets or other devices. A non interactive version can be viewed here

Simulators To demonstrate what a network can deliver you need a network, which can take up to a week and is therefore unrealistic and expensive.

A much cheaper way is to use a simulator that demonstrates how different applications behave when using using different networks.

Different technologies can be created easily without any programming skills.

The web version only does downloads but the full versions shows video quality and audio quality..,

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Why Daisy, the Digital Platform Benefit Brand and portfolio awareness, Unique Value Proposition Daisy was compared with any resellers in the market, however they are not a reseller but an access aggregator
Next Generation Network Revolution Video
Brand reinforcement, Thought Leadership
This video was created to further the debate about Next Generation Networks (NGN). The NGN network deployed on the Isle of Man was one of the first of its kind in the world and replaced the island’s traditional circuit switched network.

In the long term NGN networks can dramatically reduce costs and will enable the cost-effective delivery of new and exciting end user services.

The general focus of NGN has always been on new revenue generation but this video documentary show shows how the spiraling cost, associated with keeping legacy technologies alive, can be avoided.

IP Packet based networks, the underlying technology behind NGN offers many economic benefits and this is why Manx Telecom, a wholly owned subsidiary of O2, not only talked about it, they actually deployed it.

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Base Station Router Video
Concept illustration, Thought Leadership
When the Base Station Router (BSR) concept was conceived, it was such a different approach that many received it with some skepticism.

Something was needed to show that this would work and just sharing the technology would not be enough to convince the skeptics.

This was why I developed the set of videos. The videos helped to convince a broad audience that the BSR concept was the right one.

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Blended Lifestyle Services Animation
Concept illustration
Thought Leadership
Mobile operators have been looking for the next single
high-revenue generating application. It is now clear that this application will not just be a single one but a combination of many smaller ones, each personalised to the individual needs of end-users.
This Video was created at very short notice and used during an analyst meeting.This production has been used extensively to explain the concept of Blended Lifestyle Services to many different audiences. Lucent’s customers have also used the animation to explain the concept with their customers and other stakeholders.
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